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The Remote Work Tools you really need

Video conferencing

is a must-have remote work tool. Communication face-to-face is important working isolated from home. We recommend ZOOM. Find some tips on how to communicate with remote work tools here.

Team Communication

creates transparency about your teams availability and enables semi-synchronized communication. We use Slack.

File Management

sharing files between team members enables collaborative working. For security reasons, the sharing-model needs to be user-based. Google Drive is what we suggest.

Project Management

having a project plan is vital for delivering any project. Trello makes virtual project planning and tracking really simple.

Virtual Whiteboard

creative work within a team is always a challenge. Using MIRO you have a virtual Whiteboard which allows real-time collaboration.

You can register and use all these remote work tools for free. Free usage is limited by volume such that small companies will pay nothing at all.

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