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The FlowNow Model

Upfront analysis on pre-agreed pain-points or business units. No cost, no obligation.

FlowNow leverages your existing resources and experience to directly address underlying performance constraints that prevent you from achieving corporate goals.

No-impact remuneration strictly on measurable savings achieved, while increasing your profits.



Identify internal best practices using team performance data to find the Best of the Best.

Replicate the performance of your best performers by deploying standardized playbooks for everyone to follow.

Mitigate perceived or hidden workflow constraints at all levels. Minimize handovers, establish quality standards. Establish productivity targets.



Expertise in grassroots Lean, Agile, transformation & continuous improvement, to deliver on corporate goals.

We get in the trenches with your team as they work. Based on our years of experience, we know where to look for trouble. We execute small changes rapidly. You see measurable results quickly.


You remain in full control.  We further develop the capabilities of your management team so they can continue to optimize processes long after we are gone. 

By being part of the change, your managers retain control and ownership of sustainable performance and results.