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Benefit from proven Experience in Performance

Transforming your company to achieve your goals carries certain risks, handing over the keys to some strangers to raise Performance even more.

Join the steadily growing group of companies who have confidence in the FlowNow Experience and add your company to the success stories.

$500 Million
to Customers

We’ve successfully saved close to $500,000,000 in business transformations before we started

Companies Transformed

We’ve personally turned around 20 companies. We were involved in turning around about 100 companies


Our methodologies have
produced outstanding
results each & every time,
with a success rate of 100%


On average we’ve delivered around 40% improvement to either cost, net margin or both

The FlowNow Principals

Torsten Knöfel

Torsten is a seasoned leader with an exceptional academic and global industrial background. 

His extensive proficiency in business, technology, and psychology has proven crucial in delivering major change programs, bridging the divide between the organization and technology, and delivering millions of savings for his customers.

Having worked in a diverse range of companies, reaching from small, innovative startups to large international corporations such as Bertelsmann, Barclays Bank and KPMG, Torsten’s expertise focuses on Business Transformation, Technology and People Change.

Torsten lives in London and enjoys paragliding.

Josh is a lifelong organizational trouble-shooter with a diverse background in support, back office operations, financial services and information security.

With a strong process perspective and experience in large transformational change programs, Josh brings over 30 years of pragmatic transformation resulting in millions in savings. His work experience ranges from Tech startups to consultancy for companies such as RBS, Royal Dutch Shell and Microsoft.  Josh’s fields of expertise include methodology, organizational culture, program & project management, and business process re-engineering.

Josh lives with his family in Florida and is an avid NASCAR fan.

Josh Burdett

The FlowNow Experts

George Papakirykos

George is a strategy and organization expert with a passion for process improvement and creating order from chaos.

With a varied background in the security, finance, consulting, and software industries he has achieved a well-rounded understanding of modern business practices, risks, and challenges. He has successfully optimized processes for dozens of organizations and teams. He has delivered structured change programs with millions of direct savings and capacity building. His core strength is his ability to define end-to-end organizational goals and seamlessly combine the top-down high-level view with the bottom-up “boots on the ground” reality.

George travels around the world and loves architectural design and reading books.

Leonardo is a sales and business strategy expert with over 20 years of diversified internet, professional services and IT teams management experience.

His background is with Fortune 500 companies in the analytics, financial, telecommunications, and field services management industry providing IT teams management and process re-engineering across all regions raising the company margins and customer satisfaction to profitable levels.

This experience supports start-up businesses with innovation management, development, and implementation cycles very well.

Leonardo lives with his family in São Paulo and enjoys swimming, surfing, and good restaurants.


Leonardo Rossi

Leonardo Rossi