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Meeting Your Existing Demand

Do you struggle to meet customer SLAs, deadlines and can‘t get work out the door? Throwing more bodies at the problem is costly and doesn’t address the real problem.

Servicing your existing customers is critical to customer satisfaction. When your operational capacity is constrained by inefficiencies, keeping up with customer demand can quickly become a problem. Customers must be supported by solid operational capabilities.

FlowNow Boost: Handle more work with the same people. Lift every team member to the level of your highest performer. Avoid hiring and training new team members while increasing your capacity to serve new customers.

FlowNow Consistency:  Ensure that your team performs consistently and delivers a predictably outstanding customer experience. Rely on measurable standards to ensure you deliver a consistent customer experience every time.

FlowNow Quality: Ensure that employees consistently produce work that meets documented quality standards. Improve the quality of service you provide to your customers. Dramatically reduce customer complaints by delivering work correctly the first time. Decrease costs by enabling your team to deliver work once rather than spending time fixing costly mistakes.

FlowNow OnBoarding: Protect yourself from high turnover. Reduce your training budget and shorten the time it takes to onboard new employees to virtually zero. Reduce the number of unproductive staff members still not performing at full capacity. Onboard new team members almost immediately and cut the overhead of training, shadowing, and grooming new staff members to virtually zero.