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Meet the Team

We capture the solutions your best employees use and put them in the hands of everyone, we ensure that everyone solves problems consistently.

We prioritize your improvement efforts so you can eliminate the problems affecting your customers most and solve them once and for all.

We help your junior employees got more work done, freeing your senior employees up for the truly unique problems.

Torsten Knöfel

Torsten is a seasoned leader with an exceptional academic and global industrial background. 

His extensive proficiency in business, technology, and psychology has proven crucial in delivering major change programs, bridging the divide between the organization and technology, and delivering millions of savings for his customers.

Having worked in a diverse range of companies, reaching from small, innovative startups to large international corporations such as Bertelsmann, Barclays Bank and KPMG, Torsten’s expertise focuses on Business Transformation, Technology and People Change.

Torsten lives in London and enjoys paragliding.

Josh is a lifelong organizational trouble-shooter with a diverse background in support, back office operations, financial services and information security.

With a strong process perspective and experience in large transformational change programs, Josh brings over 30 years of pragmatic transformation resulting in millions in savings. His work experience ranges from Tech startups to consultancy for companies such as RBS, Royal Dutch Shell and Microsoft.  Josh’s fields of expertise include methodology, organizational culture, program & project management, and business process re-engineering.

Josh lives with his family in Florida and is an avid NASCAR fan.

Josh Burdett

Mooly Beeri

Mooly Beeri

Mooly is a fast learning executive with a broad grasp of technology and business, experienced in working in a global environment. Having delivered major transformations in large corporations, start ups, small to medium companies and in private equities, Mooly has expertise in optimizing the operations of any software company.

With strong engineering perspective and experience in large-scale systems in the security and medical device fields, Mooly brings over 25 years of product development and product management skills. His work experience has ranged from small, fast-paced startups to large-scale corporations such as Microsoft and Philips. 

Mooly lives with his family in Israel.